Nariyuki Yuiga

    VA: Ryota Osaka

    Not necessarily a genius,
    but a very bright student who achieves
    results of 80% or higher in all subjects.
    Due to his family’s circumstances,
    Nariyuki has been eyeing the special
    VIP recommendation, which would
    grant him a full scholarship to
    Having earnest
    tendencies and being
    good at lookingafter people, he becomes solely devoted
    to his tutoring responsibilities that he is remarkably
    obtuse about any romantic feelings.

    Fumino Furuhashi

    VA: Haruka Shiraishi

    As "the sleeping beauty of the literary forest," she is
    naturally gifted with words, and the sentences she
    assembles move all who read or hear them.
    On the other hand, she is extraordinarily weak when it comes
    to sciences, that just looking at an equation will make her mind
    go blank! Fumino is cheerful and social, although she occasionally
    has an acid tongue…

    Rizu Ogata

    VA: Miyu Tomita

    A genius in science,
    referred to as “the Thumbelina supercomputer,”
    Rizu can solve even the most grueling equations in seconds.
    Her scientific way of thinking colors her personality as well;
    she’s serious to a fault and somewhat stubborn.
    Because of that, Rizu particularly struggles in humanities
    subjects that require reading and interpreting people’s feelings.
    As much as she loves board games and card games,
    but because she lacks strategic skills,
    she isn’t very good at them…

    Uruka Takemoto

    VA: Sayumi Suzushiro

    Swimming prodigy nicknamed
    “the shimmering ebony mermaid princess.”
    Uruka is completely devoted to swimming,
    while her academics have languished.
    But now, she has her nose to the grindstone studying
    English in order to obtain a collegiate athletic scholarship.
    Uruka has known Nariyuki since middle school and secretly
    harbors a crush on him.
    She’s energetic and unpretentious,
    but shy and naïve in the realm of romance.

    Mafuyu Kirisu

    VA: Lynn

    Teacher at Ichinose Academy.
    She was Fumino and Rizu’s original tutor,
    who had once tried to urge the two girls to pursue
    different fields.
    She is feared by the students for her cold demeanor,
    but she is actually a kind teacher who cares about her students.
    While she is a talented teacher, she is slovenly at home and even
    has a clumsy side.

    Asumi Kominami

    VA: Madoka Asahina

    An alumnus of Ichinose Academy,
    currently taking a gap year,
    studying to get into a university.
    Though Asumi’s goal is medical school,
    she struggles in all sciences.
    So Nariyuki will often tutor her too,
    even though he is younger than her.
    When she and Nariyuki must pretend to be dating,
    Asumi gets a kick out of teasing the innocent Nariyuki.